Laboratory Instrument

1. Glassware and instrument

We can import directly and supply glassware and instrument of famous brands as following: 
+ AS ONE Corporation(Japan)
+ SIBATA (Japan)

2. Pipette and Micropipette

1. Nichipet series


Origin: Japan

2. Micropipette

Brand: Eppendorf

Origin: Germany

3. Pipette Tip

We can suppy Pipette Tip of some brands as following:

+ AS ONE Corporation (Japan)

+ Thermo Fisher Scientific (USA)

+ Eppendorf (Germany)

4. HPLC column

1. Mightysil Series

Mightysil RP-18GPII
Mightysil RP-18GP
Mightysil RP-18GP Aqua
Mightysil RP-18(H)GP・Mightysil RP-18(L)GP
Mightysil RP-8GP・Mightysil RP-4GP

Maker: Kanto Chemical Co., Inc.

Origin: Made in Japan

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