Industrial Chemicals

1. Industrial Solvents

2. Basic chemicals

GKFV is the leading importer and supply basic chemicals
in different industries, meet various requirement of customers:
 - Hydrochloric acid
 - Sulfuric acid
 - Caustic Soda Flake
 - Sodium Hydroxide
 - Potassium Hydroxide
 - Nitric Acid
 - Ammonium chloride
 - Iron (III) Chloride
 - Iron (II) Chloride
 - Calcium hydroxide

3. Electro Plating Chemicals

GKFV also supply electro plating chemicals including Tin Plating, Electroless Nickel Plating
from 2 famous brand as following:
 + Meltex in Thailand
 + Ishihara Chemical in Japan (UNICON)
*Application: used in manufacturing Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and Semi-conductor industry

4. Water Treatment Chemicals

Our goal is completing a full supply chain about input material and handle output for clients,
so GKFV also supply water treatment chemicals as following:
 + PAC
 + PAM
 + Caustic Soda Flake
 + Antifoam
 + Defoamer

5. Speciality Chemicals for Industry

We are constantly expanding scale and product lines, to meet various requests
of customers in speciality industries:
  - Painting Chemicals: Thinner, MIBK
  - Surface coating chemicals
  - Surface cleaning chemicals: Melplate PC-6122 (Meltex)
  - Fiber and Dying Chemicals
  - Electronic and Semi-Conductor Chemicals
  - Printing ink chemicals