Handheld DO Meter (DO-31P)

  • Product Code : DO-31P

  • Maker : TOA-DKK

  • Model : DO-31P

  • Origin : Japan

Hotline: +84 24 6265 2550
 + DO electrodes for incubator bottles stirring-free DO electrodes availble
 + Power-saving design; rechargeable battery adaptable
 + Waterproof design(IP67, 1m depth, up to 30mins)
 + Data storage up to 1000 points
Measurement Range:
DO: 0-20.00mg/L (0-50.00mg/L)
Saturation rate: 0-200% (0-500%)
Temperature: 0-50°C

Measurement Method: Membrane type galvanic cell
Display unit: LCD
Measurement item / range:
+ When using standard membrane:
DO: 0.00 - 20.00mg / L
Saturation: 0-200%
Temperature: 0-50.0ºC

+ When using high concentration membrane:
DO: 0-50.0mg / L
Saturation Rate: 0-500%
Temperature: 0-50.0ºC

Display Range:
+ When using standard membrane:
DO: 0-22.00mg / L
Saturation rate: 0-220%

+ When using high concentration membrane:
DO: 0-55.0mg / L
Saturation rate: 0-550%
Temperature: -5ºC-110ºC

+ When using standard membrane is used:
DO: ± 0.03mg / L
Saturation rate: ± 2%

+ When high concentration membrane is used
DO: ± 0.02mg / L
Saturation: ± 2%
Temperature: ± 0.2ºC

Temperature Compensation: Auto
Calibration: Zero/Span calibration
Temperature Calibration: 1 point calibration
Correction function: Sanility correction - Atmospheric pressure correction
Data Memory: 1000 data points
Auto Hold Function: Yes
Interval Memory Function: Provided(Can be specified between 1 second - 99 minutes 59 seconds or 2 seconds - 99 hours 59 minutes)
Clock Function: Provided( To be shown while conducting a measurement)
Printing Function: Can be connected to the ESP-P30 printer (optional)
RS-232C Interface:
+ Connection Device: PC or External Printer ESP-P30 (Optional) 

Waterproof Construction: IP67 (Can be immersed in water at for 1m and 30 minutes)
Performance Compensation Temperature: 0-45 ° C
Power Source: Alkaline Batteries AA / Nickel-Hydrogen Batteries (2 batteries) or AC adapter (6VA option), use 400 hours
Power Consumption: 0.014W (when using 3V battery)
Outside Dimensions: 68 x 35 x 173mm
Mass: 280 g

This product is used to measure DO, BOD, temperature in the laboratory

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