DKK-TOA Analyzers and Measuring Devices

DKK-TOA Corporation is the leading manufacturer of comprehensive measuring instruments in Japan, especially water quality analyzers, including portable meters, laboratory devices and processing analyzers.

With more 75 years experiences, DKK-TOA Corporation's products are appearing at most of countries in the world.

From June 2017, GK Finechem Vietnam Co., Ltd became the authorized distributor of DKK-TOA Corporation in Vietnam market for supplying water quality analyzers and measuring devices.

With goal "Satisfaction of customer is our 1st priority and target", GK Finechem Vietnam Co., Ltd always effort to learn and hard work by all enthusiasm to provide the best service at customer request.

*Our advantages:

+ Response and provide quotation very quickly

+ Delivery time is stable and guaranteed

+ Price is very compatitive and reasonable

+ Support and provide service after sales

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Process analyzers

-Replaceable Tip ORP Electrode (PSS/ASS-304B/PSS/ASS-314B)

-Replaceable Tip pH Electrode (GSS-304B/GSS-314B)

-Industrial ORP Transmitter (HDM-137A/138A)

-pH/ORP Transmitter with HART Interface (HBM-165H)

-Immersion Type Holder for Replaceable Tip Electrode (HC-G70/HC-G72)

-Drop-In Type Detector for Replaceable Tip Electrode (HC-G95)

-Flow-Through Type Holder for Replaceable Tip Electrodes (HC-G80/HC-G82)

-Immersion Type Detector with Pulse Air Jet Cleaner (PHC-7D)

-Industrial pH Transmitter (HDM-135A/HDM-136A)

-Panel mount pH/ORP Analyzer (HBM-100B/HBM-102B)

-Immersion Type pH/ORP Detector (HC-7 Series)

-Flow-Through Type Detector with Ultrasonic Cleaner (UHC-7C/UHC-8C)

-Immersion Type Detector with Water Jet Cleaner (JHC-7C/JHC-8C)

-Immersion Type Detector with Chemical Cleaner (RHC-7C/RHC-7EC)

-Industrial Conductivity Transmitter (WDM-135A)

-Industrial Conductivity Transmitter (WBM-160)

-Panel Type Conductivity Analyzer (WBM-100)

-Industrial Conductivity Detector (A5/A6 Series)

-Electromagnetic Conductivity Transmitter (MDM-135A)

-Electromagnetic Conductivity Transmitter (MBM-160)

Analyzers for Water & Waste Water Treatment

-Colorimeter/Turbidity Meter (COL-110)

-Turbidity Analyzer (TUF-1600)

-High Sensitivity Turbidity Analyzer (TUH-1600)

-Suspended Solids Concentration Analyzer (SSD-1610/SSD-1620)

-Automatic Water Quality Analyzer for City Water (MWB4-72)

-Residual Chlorine Analyzer (CLF-1600)

-Reagentless Free Chlorine Analyzer (CLF-1610)

-Reagentless Free Chlorine Analyzer (CD-36D/CD-38D)

-Reagentless Residual Chlorine Analyzer (CLF-120)

-Residual Chlorine Analyzer (CLBM-50)

-Chloride Demand Analyzer (CLD-7M)

-Turbidity Meter with Integrating Sphere (TUI-100)

-Suspended Solids Concentration Analyzer (SSF-1600)

-Alkalinity Analyzer (ALF-1600)

-Sand Filter (FS-3)

Analyzers for Boiler Water Applications

-Hydrazine Transmitter (HYM-300)

-Boiling Sampling System (BSC)

Analyzers for Oil Refineries

-Boiling Point Analyzer (BPM-2000)

-Flash Point Analyzer (FPA)

-Pour Point Analyzer (PPA)

-Cold Filter Plugging Point Analyzer (CFPP)

-Cloud Point Analyzer (CPA-21)

-Vapor Pressure Analyzer (DVP-03)

-Process Sulfur Content Analyzer (HSCA-2000)

-Process Sulfur Content Analyzer (SCA-200)

-Process Colorimeter (COL-330)

-Controller (U-221)

-Controller(For Oil Refineries) (U-32/U-42)

-Explosion-Proof Type Cooler (SCU-02)