Water Activity Meter EZ-200 Freund

  • Product Code : EZ-200

  • Maker : Freund

  • Model : EZ-200

  • Origin : Japan

Hotline: +84 24 6265 1550

Product: Water Activity Meter EZ-200 Freund

The EZ-200 is the latest water activity meter of Freund Corporation, which is being imported and provided by GK Finechem Vietnam Company Limited at Vietnam market.


  • Easy, speedy, accurate and made-in-Japan quality!
  • Water activity is closely related to food quality.
  • EZ-200 is a device that measures this water activity easily and accurately.
  • The measurement time is reduced 30% compared to a previous model, and the operability is improved now including a touch panel.
  • Please feel free to utilize the high accuracy functions for better quality management.


  • Accurate measurement with a sensor less susceptible to alcohol
  • Easy replacement and calibration of the sensor (tool-free)
  • Control of sensor deterioration due to acids by placing a sensor protection filter (option)
  • Device storage of up to 100 measurement data; USB memory available (CSV output)
  • Made in Japan

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Product Specification
Product name Water Activity Meter
Model EZ-200
Sensor Electrical resistance type
Measurement range 0.10~0.98 Aw
Select "Round off","Round down", or "Round up" of the third decimal place to indicate value with two decimal places.
Measurement precision ±0.01 Aw(25℃±0.3℃)
Measurement time On average 10 min./sample
Calibration 4 points (0.33、0.53、0.75、0.93 Aw) /25℃
Usage environment  15℃~35℃(no condensation)
AC adapter Input: 100~240V 50-60Hz
Output: DC24V 
Main unit rating DC24V  0.65A
Dimentions 165(W)×130(H)×270(D)mm
Weight  4.3Kg
Accessories Power adapter, sample containers(5), reagent of saturated salt solution for calibration(4 types)*3, silica gel*4, grease, dispensing spoon, pipette
Options Sample containers(10 units), Sensor protection filter (10 sheets), Inlet air filter (2 units), Replacement packing (2 units), Grease 50g, Replacement sensor board (1 set)
* Please note that the product specifications are subject change without prior notice.


EZ-200 is a device that measures the water activity easily and accurately, applicable for food and feed factory.

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