Automatic Water Quality Analyzer for City Water (MWB4-72)

  • Product Code : MWB4-72

  • Maker : TOA-DKK

  • Model : MWB4-72

  • Origin : Japan

Hotline: +84 24 6265 2550

Automatic Water Quality Analyzer for City Water (MWB4-72) is TOA-DKK Corporation's modern and potential product for continous monitoring water quality at faucet feed line or water receiving tank of a building.


+ Turbidity

+ Color

+ Residual Chlorine

+ Electric Conductivity

+ pH

+ Temperature

+ Water Pressure

MWB4-72 also delivers high reliability, durability, and excellent maintainability.

Currently, GK Finechem Vietnam Co., Ltd is the official distributor of TOA-DKK for MWB4-72 in Vietnam.

Product name Compact City Water Analyzer
Model : MWB4-72
Objects measured : Three basic items (turbidity, color, and
  residual chlorine), electric conductivity,
  pH, temperature, and pressure
Measurement : Ability to switch between two ranges for
range switching both turbidity and color measurements.
Display : Color LCD touch panel
Temperature : 0 to 40°C for residual chlorine, EC, and
compensation range pH
Response time : 90% response within three minutes
Operating power : 100 to 240V AC ±10%, 50/60Hz
Power consumption : Approx. 40/55VA (100/240V AC), max.
  of approx. 83/108 VA (100/240V AC)
Transmission : DC 4 to 20 mA, isolated
output ( Negative (-) side is common.)
Load resistance : 600Ω or less
Contact switching : Alarm 1; General alarms (measured value
output signals High-High/Low-Low limit alarm, light source
  error, residual chlorine motor error, sensor
  error, and start-up mode error)
  Alarm 2; General alarms (concentration
  upper/lower limit alarm, water temperature
  compensation error, and auto calibration error)
  Maintenance; When in ST-BY mode
  Event; During auto cleaning, during auto
  calibration, and during problem diagnosis
  (Contact capacity for all of the above; 24
  VDC 0.2A resistance load))
  Power cut off; The contact is closed when
  a power failure occurs.
  (Contact capacity; 30 VDC 0.2A
  resistance load))
Contact switching : Cleaning command; When the closed
input signals contact receives, cell window cleaning
  starts (turbidity / color).Start cell window
  cleaning (turbidity / color)
  Calibration request; When the closed
  contact receives, automatic zero
  calibration starts (turbidity / color / residual
  / residual chlorine).Start automatic zero
  calibration (turbidity / color / residual chlorine)
  (Resistance load; 200Ωor less, Pulse
  duration: 500mS or greater)
Communication : RS232C interface or RS485 interface
system (isolated)
  Communication speed; 9600 BPS
  Synchronous system; Start-stop
  Control system; Half-duplex
  communication system
  One line for communication (dedicated
  cable or connector), one line for
  maintenance (D-SUB connector)
Save functionality : Data such as measurements can be
  transferred to a memory card.(Compact
  Flash,CF) They can also be processed by
  a computer.
  One minute measurement values can be
  stored in 3-month intervals, and one hour
  values can be stored in 1-year intervals.
Sample water : No suspension or stagnation.
conditions Quality; Ensures that the water quality
  (excluding the items below) satisfies the water
  quality standards set by the Water Law or falls
  within the measurement range of this unit.
  Temperature; 0 to 40°C (no freezing)
  Pressure; 0.05 to 0.75MPa
  pH; 5.5 to 8.6 pH (maximum fluctuations; 1pH)
  EC; 8 mS/m (80µS/cm) or greater
  Flow rate; 50 to 100 mL/min
Sample : 5m3/month or less (9m3/month, including
consumption a by-pass flow of 100 mL/min)
Wetted part materials : Polyurethane, PP, acrylic, stainless steel,
  FKM, etc.
Piping end connection : Sample water inlet; Rc 1/4
  Drain outlet; Rc 1/4
  Calibration solution inlet; Rc 1/4
  Air purge; Rc 1/4
Installation : Mounted on a wall or rack
Wiring end connection : Two water-proof connectors
  A power supply cable and I/O signal
  cable (3-meter) are also included.
Ambient conditions : 0 to 40°C (no freezing), 85% RH or less
  (no condensation)
Weight : Approx. 11 kg
Construction : Indoor installation (IP43 equivalent)
Case material : Aluminum
Color : Light gray (Munsell 5PB 8/1 equivalent)
Automatic calibration : Zero calibration for turbidity, color, and
  residual chlorine. The internal timer and
  an external contact signal are used to
  start calibration.
  (Zero water is prepared by filtering sample
  water through a zero water filter.)
  Calibration cycle setting; 0 to 24 hours
  (freely specified)
  Calibration time; Approx. 13 min. (fixed)
  Transmission output hold time during
  calibration; Calibration time approx. 13
  min. + 9 min. (fixed)
Automatic cleaning : The internal timer and an external contact
  signal are used to start backwashing (by
  draining the water) to clean the cell
  window for turbidity and color measurements.
  Cleaning cycle setting: 10, 15, 20, 30, or
  60 min.
  Transmission output hold time during
  cleaning; Cleaning time approx. 2 min. + 1
  min. (fixed)
  Beads cleaning of residual chlorine
  electrode by self-rotation
Options : Indoor self-standing frame (preassembled, piping pre-installed)
  Outdoor cubicle (temperature-controller
  Water sampling unit for abnormal time
  Internal leakage detection unit

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