Reagents and Pure Chemicals

GKFV is the authorized distributor of leading reagent brands in JAPAN as following:


- FUJIFILM WAKO Pure Chemical Corporation

- Other reagents upon customer's request

We also supply reagents of other brands following customer's needs.

Please contact us for getting the best support.

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Industrial Chemicals
We import and supply industrial chemicals as below:
 - Industrial Solvents: MIBK, MEK, DIBK, IPA, Acetone, Toluene, Methanol,..
 - Basic chemicals: HCL, H2SO4, NaOH, KOH,…
 - Electro Plating chemicals of brands: MELTEX, ISHIHARA
 - Water treatment Chemicals: PAC, PAM, Caustic Soda Flake (NaOH), Javen
 - Paiting Chemicals: Thinner
 - Surface Coating Chemicals
 - Surface Cleaning Chemicals
 - Fiber and Dying Chemicals
 - Special Chemicals for Electronic and Semi-conductor Industry
 - Special Chemicals for printing ink 

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DKK-TOA Analyzers and Measuring Devices

DKK-TOA Corporation is the leading manufacturer of comprehensive measuring instruments in Japan, especially water quality analyzers, including portable meters, laboratory devices and processing analyzers.

With more 75 years experiences, DKK-TOA Corporation's products are appearing at most of countries in the world.

From June 2017, GK Finechem Vietnam Co., Ltd became the authorized distributor of DKK-TOA Corporation in Vietnam market for supplying water quality analyzers and measuring devices.

With goal "Satisfaction of customer is our 1st priority and target", GK Finechem Vietnam Co., Ltd always effort to learn and hard work by all enthusiasm to provide the best service at customer request.

*Our advantages:

+ Response and provide quotation very quickly

+ Delivery time is stable and guaranteed

+ Price is very compatitive and reasonable

+ Support and provide service after sales

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Water Activity Meter EZ-200 Freund

Water activity is an important factor in foods shelf life and it is an indicator of the mobility of water from humid area to dry area. Microbe can use only free water to grow and proliferate so to control shelf life, it is important to check how much free water is there in foods.

Water Activity Meter EZ-200 of Freund Corporation, a leading company of water activity measuring instrument, is a product made in Japan which is very useful for customers operating foods and feed factories in Vietnam.

In addition to the reliable Japanese quality, maintainability is also a strong point of EZ-200 that allows customers replace and calibrate sensor without using tools when it deteriorates.

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New Portable Water Quality Meter P-40 Series (TOA-DKK)

From Oct 2019, DKK-TOA officially announced the launch of New Portable Water Quality Meter P-40 Series.

P-40 serise is a renewed model of P-30 series with improved function and usability.

New features of P-40 includes new digital proble, slim design, and back light, is suitable for field-use.


Measurement Items:

pH, ORP, Conductivity(EC), Resistivity, Salinity (NaCl, PSS), TDS, DO, Ion


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Online Waste Water Monitoring System for Decree 40/2019/NĐ-CP

According to Decree 40/2019/NĐ-CP, online waste water monitoring system of projects specified at Clause 2 of Article 39 must include measurement for parameters as belows:

1) Flow (Input and Output)

2) Temperature

3) pH

4) TSS

5) COD

6) Ammonia (NH4+)

Currently, we is supplying Online Monitoring System of TOA-DKK made in Japan for measurement pH, Temperature, TSS, COD and Amonia, to meet the request of the Decree.

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Chemicals and Functional Materials

We also import and distribute many kinds of chemicals and functional materials which are suitable for different purpose of customers as following:

- Poly Lactic Acid (Biodegradable plastic material)

- Cloth Cleaning Solution: NaClO, Multi Pine Goodmaid

- Surface Polishing Materials: Polishing Stone, Polishing Oil

- Glass bead blasting, Aluminium sand blasting for etching process

- Test Package for Refrigerator

- Agar (Microbiological environment)

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Laboratory Instrument

GKFV also supply laboratory instrument with various origin from Japan, India and Germany

- HPLC column: Mightysil Series (Brand: Kanto Chemical) & L-Column Series (Brand: CERI)

- Glassware and instrument (AS-ONE, SIBATA)

- Pipette and Micropipette

- Pipette Tip


- Comsumable Parts in Laboratory


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